Welcome to Reach Academy Feltham, part of Reach Schools. Our staff are all driven by our mission to equip all of our pupils with the skills, attitudes and academic qualifications to enable them to go on to enjoy lives of choice and opportunity. Our school focuses on bringing together the whole community in a shared dedication to do whatever it takes to achieve successful outcomes for the children we all love and care for. 

We have the highest academic expectations whilst maintaining a loving, family-focused culture. As the Co-Headteachers, and supported by our Senior Leadership Team, we aim to know every pupil as an individual, harnessing the power of family relationships and all-through knowledge, to ensure that we can tailor our curriculum, support and resources to meet each child's needs and desires. 

We believe that strong foundations in English and mathematics are crucial to life-long success and happiness of all children. We are committed to providing life-enhancing opportunities for all pupils, including access to a broad and balanced curriculum and extensive extra-curricular activities, trips and residential stays. 

The all-through nature of our school provides unique opportunities for students to have, and then become, role models and experience leadership opportunities. The strength of relationships with staff and peers enables all students to flourish. Pupils join us at the age of 4 (many having been to our Reach Up Nursery from the age of 2 years old) and progress seamlessly through transitions all the way to the age of 18 years old. This provides you, and your child(ren) with stability and a sense of 'home from home' that we believe school should provide to all. 

We use our small site to its full potential, including our roof-top pitch, 4-court sports hall and specialist science labs, music, drama, art and food technology suites. Our youngest students have separate play spaces to ensure they can explore in the safest environment possible and our older students have staggered break times so that they have ample space to play freely. 

We are ambitious. We believe your child(ren) deserves nothing less than the very best from us and, with your help, we know that we have a winning formula that will result in happy, healthy children who are able to thrive academically. 

We are delighted to welcome you to our wonderful school and look forward to meeting you very soon. 

Matilda Browne and Rebecca Owen


Beck and Tilly