Reach Academy Feltham is an all-through school with one entry point for admission which is Reception. 

We also have a nursery on site which has places for 2 and 3 year olds. Some of those children, those eligible for the Early Years Pupil Premium and attending our nursery, will get priority for admission to Reach Academy Feltham Reception class. All places are allocated in line with our admissions policy which can be found below. 

In September 2024 we will also open a new school in Feltham called Reach Academy Hanworth Park. This school will have an entry point at Reception and Year 7 until it is full and also ‘all-through’. 

Please note that there are separate and different, admissions policies for each school and these will be overseen by the Reach Schools Admissions Committee. Please also note that there is no priority admission between schools for e.g. siblings.

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