All members of staff at the Reach Academy are committed to supporting our students succeed so that they can live lives of choice and opportunity. We believe that by creating a Careers Strategy which aligns with and is delivered through the ‘All Through’ ethos of the school, we can ensure that by the time our students leave the Reach Academy they are fully prepared to enter the world of work, Higher Education or further education. This document outlines the specific priorities and projects in place for each year group, along with the member of staff responsible for overall delivery of the Careers Strategy.

Reach Academy Careers Lead

The Named Careers Lead for the Academy, overseeing all careers engagements is Gary Poole.

If you have any queries regarding the delivery or content of our careers strategy, or if you are a parent/pupil/employer/teacher please don’t hesitate to contact us via email to or by calling 020 8893 1099.